When every lead is literally a dead end, will Gemma be able to find the evil entity stalking the small town of Glen Cove before another body drops?

A surge of killings has Gemma Jaeger’s supernatural radar on high alert, and when a body is found at her own bar, the hunt becomes personal. The murders are definitely ritualistic and definitely not something the police can handle. Teaming up with Matt Kinner, the man she finally admits she cares for, Gemma sets out to find a serial killer who seems to be growing more and more desperate.

If her hunch is right, there’s a five hundred-year old witch on the loose just looking for the perfect match to be the vessel for her lover’s spirit. And things are about to go from bad to worse real fast. With life and love on the line, Gemma must decide if this family business she fought so hard to leave is where her future lies after all.