The only good Djinn is a dead Djinn– unless he can bring the love of your life back from the grave.

After losing her boyfriend Matt, who sacrificed himself to save her life, Gemma is determined to bring him back. She will try anything to save him, even resorting to the likes of a Djinn.

But as with any dealings with Djinn, there’s a loophole. There’s nothing Gemma can do to stop the Djinn from killing and feeding on others because the death of the Djinn means Matt will also die. And there’s no bringing him back from that.

Now Gemma’s caught in the world’s worst Catch-22. But she’s damned if she’s not going to fight until the end.

Can Gemma outsmart the Djinn and save everyone, including Matt, or will she be forced to choose between love and duty once more?