Cheated by her husband and left for dead, she’s not just surviving, she’s transforming…

Once a scientist who believed only in the explainable, her life is irrevocably altered when her husband poisons her, choosing murder over divorce.

Death, however, refuses to claim her. An experimental injection at her lab ignites a metamorphosis. She emerges, not merely alive but reborn, stronger and more powerful than ever.

In a world where her ex has unleashed monstrous creations, she stands as an unforeseen force. Her new mission is clear: eliminate the monsters he has spawned and then, exact her revenge on him.

A must-read for fans of Gone Girl with a twist of Resident Evil, this story blends suspense, betrayal, and a supernatural quest for vengeance.

Uncover this tale of resilience and revenge. Secure your copy today and delve into the extraordinary saga.