Savanah Lee is cursed with magic…

From her first ancestor to the grandmother who raised her, her whole family has struggled to wield the gift of foresight…and the curse of its pain. Because seeing isn’t always believing, and more often than not, it’s too late to fix the future.

Now that the gift has finally awakened in her long after she thought she’d dodged a bullet, Savanah is suddenly saddled with the burden of a magic that tears her heart out daily.

But she’s not going to let it keep hurting her. She’s going to take magic into her own hands. And seek out forbidden spells and a forbidden witch…a formidable descendant of the one who first laid the curse at her family’s door.
Because she can’t lose one more person she desperately tries to save, can’t go through the pain of racing against time and Fate, can’t let her last vision come true. Her own death…at her own hands.

But time is as much an enemy as the curse, and she might already be too late.