Left for dead, now a hybrid of vengeance: Reese won’t rest until her demon enemy falls.

Reese, after a brutal assault by a gang under the demon Durin, finds an unlikely salvation. Rescued by three lesser demons, she is reborn through a dangerous ritual, merging human tenacity with demonic power.

However, this rebirth comes with a cost: the lives of her saviors and fragments of her memory lost. Left with only the name Durin and a burning hatred, Reese becomes a force of retribution.

Her mission is clear yet clouded by mysteries of her new existence: to dismantle Durin’s reign over the city, driven by instincts she scarcely understands. In this deadly game, it’s kill or be killed, and Reese is determined to be the hunter, not the prey.

Imagine John Wick meets Supernatural, a thrilling blend of relentless action and dark fantasy.

Dive into Reese’s quest for vengeance. Grab your copy now and join her on this exhilarating journey of survival and supernatural warfare.