Rae Henson, werewolf avenger, in a city ruled by vampires. Her quest for justice just got complicated.

Werewolf Rae Henson prowls the streets with a single purpose: to avenge her brother’s death at the hands of the city’s vampire rulers. These vampires, determined to maintain their iron grip, see her and her pack as a formidable threat.

But Rae’s hunt is driven by more than just revenge; it’s fueled by the red curse of her lineage, pushing her to the brink during the blood moon. Her world is thrown into chaos when the vampire she’s been hunting unexpectedly saves her life – from another wolf.

This bewildering twist not only challenges her perceptions but plunges her into a deep crisis. Rae finds herself torn between her primal instincts and a reality that’s unraveling, threatening to shatter her world and stake her broken heart for good.

Fans of Underworld and Bitten will find themselves immersed in a tale where loyalties are tested and the line between friend and foe blurs.

Embrace the Wild Hunt. Dive into Rae’s tumultuous world where the hunter becomes the hunted. Get your copy now and join her on this thrilling, heart-wrenching journey.