Gemma, a powerful witch, left her coven to fight alongside her forbidden love, a fallen angel. Coven rules and hierarchy were too dull for this rebel. But on a mission to take out a group of witch hunters, the fallen angel changes sides and Gemma must flee for her life.

Is he really a fallen angel? A truly evil demon? A secret hunter? Did someone put a spell on him? She wants answers and revenge! A sexy warlock from her old coven volunteers to fight with her—is it a set up or a true ally? She needs the help, witch hunters are regrouping and growing more aggressive in the city. Protection spells and magic are a good start, but her coven wants her to rejoin for the numbers. She’s good in a magical fight but the more the better.

The fallen angel has a lot of info on Gemma so she teams up with her old coven, merging her magic with the warlock who secretly was in love with her all along, to fool her ex. Forbidden love is tempting but sometimes it’s forbidden for a reason…

Gemma is struggling to use her inside-out magic to tear down the tyranny she helped build, but it isn’t easy. Her old coven is fighting back with everything at its disposal and her own magic is threatening to overtake her.

Along comes her savior, a sexy warlock hell-bent on protecting her whether she needs it or not. Everything about him sets her off, from his snarky attitude to his over-protective nature. He lights fires in her soul she hadn’t realized needed to be lit. But she still yearns for her forbidden love with a fallen angel, even though he has proven he isn’t worth the fight.

She focuses on something she can affect, the inside-out witches. There are more who survived her father, witches who are being sheltered in a dark underground she never knew existed. If she can find a way to cure them, to bring them back to the outside, to guide them out of their magic, she might discover a way to bring her father down.

Or will his reason for creating these inside-out witches destroy them both?

With her father in custody, it’s time to rebuild and she finds the perfect partner to do that in Dylan, her dark and handsome warlock. However, a new power has risen, one her father had kept at bay for years. Satan. His demands are no longer being sated and that’s a problem for the witches she’s gathering under her banner.

Together, Gemma and Dylan fight to protect the inside-out witches as Satan rushes to collect them. However, the ones he’s gathering aren’t of her coven. Where are they coming from?

As they race to find out, Lucas—her fallen angel lover—comes back into her life, looking for salvation and a pathway to her heart. She knows that once he’s saved and returned to Heaven, he will most likely forget all about her, leaving her broken-hearted and alone. However, love might be one more sacrifice to this never-ending struggle.

As the war grows more bitter, her rallied covens begin to fall. The inside-out magic isn’t the weapon they’d hoped it would be. However, something is waking inside of her. If she goes too far in her efforts to thwart Satan, she might win the war.

Or she might destroy everything she fought so hard to build. Power. Coven-ship. Magic.


How much is she willing to lose?