Taking a Mini Break

Every now and then, I need to take a break from writing. If I don’t, I might actually resent writing. This time it’s three days days. One day for our yard, one for purging what no longer being used and one day to get to things I haven’t had time for such as printing out pictures from our last trip (which was four months ago), updating my DVD collection, and looking for our new place. Also, ending my day at 1800. My husband typical works until 0130 and I like to wait up for him. I know it sounds hokey, but it’s true.

I’m enjoying this small breather, but of course my mind is on the next series I’m beginning. But I can tackle of of the behing the scene items that go with being a self publisher.

If you didn’t see this, I’m part of a Free SciFi & Fantasy promotion going on until Feb. 29, 2020. If you haven’t checked it out, please do. If you know anyone who would like join, share the link!