Jade knows one thing for sure…
…no one is coming to save her.

Left for dead with her bag plundered for her magics, Jade has little to hold onto except revenge. And the thought of her daughter growing up without her.
She cannot let that happen to yet another Lawrence daughter. Not when there is one answer yet untried.

So she does the one thing she promised her own mother she’d never do. Taps in to the Lawrence line’s ancestral magic…awakening the ancient powers the matriarchs of her family feared to summon.

Raw magic, dangerous power, a dance with a new destiny.
Now the blood in her veins flows with new purpose. To destroy the enemies of her kind for good…

…and to take back a millennia of squandered rule and bend every knee to her will.

But can Jade control the surging power inside her? Or will she fail to save herself after all?