The Monsters and the Morally Ambiguous

Tread carefully in a landscape where monsters walk among us, and morality is as fluid as the shapes they assume. Characters in these narratives struggle with their monstrous identities, often questioning what it means to be human. They dwell in a world of hunters who may become liberators and creatures of the night seeking places in the day. Here, every alliance is tentative, and the subsequent battle may demand the ultimate sacrifice. In the fight for their souls, the cost of freedom is high, and the journey for redemption is fraught with peril.

The Vengeful and the Vindicated

Venture into the shadowy realm of personal retribution, where the line between hunter and hunted becomes blurred. These tales feature protagonists who have suffered great wrongs and are thirsty for justice—or vengeance—against a backdrop of supernatural politics. From the bitter quest of a transformed avenger to the power plays within vampire courts and werewolf packs, each story is a foray into the dark side of power, where every victory comes at its own cost.

The Supernatural Sleuths and Arcane Artifacts

Prepare to delve into a world where the supernatural is woven into the fabric of everyday life. Here, characters with extraordinary abilities tackle the clandestine and the arcane as part of their unusual careers. From hunting elusive magical objects to consulting with the police on cases that defy logical explanations, these individuals confront the mysteries of a hidden world. Expect a thrilling blend of action and intrigue as these sleuths navigate cursed relics, secret societies, and spells that could unravel reality itself.

The Cursed and the Powerful

Dive into stories of latent legacies and untamed powers, where characters grapple with the dangerous gifts bestowed upon them. Whether it’s through the awakening of ancient abilities or contending with a family curse, these protagonists face their dark heritage while fighting to control the wild magic coursing through their veins. The dance with destiny is perilous, and the battle to harness such power could lead to salvation or damnation.


Thorne Sisters Chronicles

Magic of the Night