Blade Verick: Street magician turned reluctant guardian of a legacy he never wanted.

Blade Verick, a charismatic street magician, thrives on charming crowds and lightening wallets. His carefree world turns upside down when he encounters the cold presence of a Hunter, drawing him into a hidden realm of magic and danger.

Inheriting a powerful and mysterious book from his mentor, Blade becomes the reluctant protector of a legacy he never sought. His already complicated life spirals out of control when his nascent, unmanageable magic accidentally destroys the spellbook, scattering its secrets.

Blade delves into the enigmatic Guild Underground, seeking help to harness his powers. His path crosses with a striking null gatekeeper whose assistance comes at a steep price: awakening her own prohibited magic.

With too much already at stake, Blade grapples with the cost of her aid, the turmoil of his newfound abilities, and the revelation that his life, already a precarious juggling act, may span more than a single existence.

This thrilling adventure is perfect for fans of The Magicians meets Now You See Me, blending the allure of street magic with the mysteries of a hidden magical world.

Join Blade Verick on his whirlwind journey through magic, mystery, and unexpected legacies. Grab your copy now and dive into a story where every choice comes with a cost, and every trick has its price.