I was born with blood lust…
Fated for death the moment my desperate mother chose to turn, I survived my vampire mother’s decision to be born a new thing under the sun. I am a dhampir, my humanity not quite lost, my soul not quite alive…
All my life I’ve been torn between worlds, and then I met him.
He saw me for what I am, and my powers are useless against this man I can’t stay away from. He makes me want something more, to rewind the hands of time and be human with him.
And yet, when I’m given the chance to change my fate, I don’t know if it’s what I want after all.
The price is too high–my own mother’s life. Unless I can find and destroy the sire who birthed us both into this life.
But now my Hunter wants me to choose.
And my future hangs between us as I struggle to decide my fate…and listen to my broken heart.