Elemental witch Valeria faces a storm of dark magic and haunting secrets in Seabrook.

Valeria, an elemental witch in Seabrook, senses a disturbing presence behind the nightly storms terrorizing the town. It's more than just natural fury; it's dark magic laced with pain, striking a chord of personal anguish. Ignoring warnings, Valeria is drawn to the river where tragedy struck three years prior, claiming the life of her boyfriend, Kenji, whose body was never recovered.

During one fateful storm, guided by a mysterious voice pleading for help, she encounters the impossible: the protection charm she once gave Kenji, imbued with her own magic, falls into her hands.

This eerie revelation hints that Kenji might be trapped within the storm itself, possibly linked to whispers of murder and danger that swirl in the tempestuous winds.

The truth, however, is more shocking than she imagined, leading her to confront a betrayal from the last person she ever suspected.

This spellbinding tale is a blend of Practical Magic and The Craft, weaving a story of love, betrayal, and elemental witchcraft.

Dive into Valeria's world, where magic, mystery, and heartbreak intertwine. Grab your copy now and uncover the secrets hidden within the storms of Seabrook.