She’s been waiting for this day…for many lifetimes.

Morgan Thorne can’t die. And she can’t rest. It’s been 300 years since she last saw her sisters and lost the battle against the evil Zachariah. And all this time, she’s been waiting, preparing, getting stronger for this very day…the day she must face her greatest foe and her greatest fear, losing her sisters again.

She can’t let that happen. But with Zachariah at full power and in the flesh once more, the stakes are higher and the battle more fierce. She must finally accept help, and the only ally she has is Jayden Holden, her biggest fan. Jayden comes from a long line of witches, and he’s in awe of Morgan–and maybe a little in love. But that’s something she can’t think about, not with the lives of everyone she loves and every mortal on earth on her weary shoulders.

And just when she thinks she stands a fighting chance, she’s attacked by Zachariah’s disciples. Barely escaping them, she must rely on Jayden to help her cloak herself and her sisters now that she’s weakened. Accepting his boost will mean losing her immortality, but she has no other choice. Their only hope is to fight together and retrieve the stone that will end Zachariah’s reign of terror once and for all.