In a world awakened by solar flares, magic stirs. Brene Tollis, a witch with a secret, must contain it before chaos reigns.

Brene Tollis isn’t your ordinary witch. Gifted with an innate ability to attract magic, she operates under a glamour, concealing her true powers. As the recent solar flares stir ancient magic across the globe, Brene finds herself in high demand. Her unique talent is crucial for preventing the reactivation of long-dormant artifacts that threaten global stability. However, her involvement comes with a cost – both personal and professional. The Order, which once shunned her, now desperately seeks her aid. Yet, they’re not alone in their quest. Layton Murphy, another magic tracker with secrets of his own, crosses paths with Brene. While he pursues a more intimate alliance, they find themselves reluctantly teaming up against rival mages hired by the Order, whose intentions are as dark as their magic. Brene and Layton must navigate this treacherous landscape, not only combating their adversaries and the volatile magic they seek to control but also the growing tension between them.

This thrilling tale is perfect for fans of The Dresden Files and Charmed, blending magical intrigue with personal dynamics.

Step into Brene’s world where magic and mystery intertwine. Grab your copy now and join her in a race against time to save the world from magical chaos.