She had one rule…
…and he broke it.

Rebel hunter Sabrina Ford doesn’t do good and she doesn’t do relationships. Both get you killed–or worse, make you soft.
That’s something she can’t be. Especially now when the man hiring her holds the deed to her soul.
Chase X isn’t like her usual hires. The revenge he wants strikes a chord she thought long buried. Working with him is a chance to take out all that’s wrong with her city, all that led her to the life she now leads, a life she never questioned before. A life of crime and, as she’s realizing, little more.
But she can’t worry about that now. Not with bullets and knives and deadly minions standing between her and the big payout Hunter promised. Because that’s all it is after all, one more job, one more hit, one more chance to prove she’s the best…right?

Or is there something more than fortune and fame fueling her dark deeds now?