Temperance Parris: A daring relic huntress on a quest for mythical stones that could break her family’s curse.

Temperance receives a tantalizing tip: the legendary Futuri stones, along with the scepter of the Atlantis seer, lie hidden in the Caves of Alegai. Determined, Temperance sets her sights on claiming these artifacts, not just for the glory but to save her mother’s life and lift the family’s blood curse.

Her journey is also a chance to restore the tarnished honor of the Parris witches within their coven. However, time is a luxury she doesn’t have, as destiny’s clock ticks perilously close to a fate she desperately seeks to avoid.

The path to the Alegai Caves bristles with challenges, including treacherous spells and curses rivaling her own. To navigate these dangers, Temperance must seek help from the last person she wanted to rely on: her ex-lover, Jalen Baker.

Jalen, a man of many secrets, might hold the key to unlocking the mysteries of the Futuri stones and altering Temperance’s luck forever.

This captivating tale is a must-read for fans of Indiana Jones and The Secret Circle, blending thrilling adventure with mystical intrigue.

Join Temperance on her daring quest to change her destiny. Grab your copy now and delve into a world of ancient mysteries and familial legacies.