Nietta was born with blood lust, a fate sealed the moment her desperate mother chose to turn.

Surviving her vampire mother’s decision, Nietta was born a dhampir, her humanity clinging by a thread, her soul flickering in a liminal space.

All her life, Nietta has been torn between worlds. Then she met Hunter. He ignited in her a yearning for something more, a desire to rewind time and embrace humanity alongside him.

Yet, when the opportunity arose to change her fate, Nietta was conflicted. The cost was immense—her own mother’s life. Her only hope lay in finding and destroying the sire who plunged them both into this cursed existence.

But now, Hunter demanded a choice. Nietta’s future hung precariously as she grappled with her decision, torn between her destiny and the whispers of her broken heart.

If you enjoy getting caught in a web of supernatural intrigue and forbidden romance, reminiscent of the internal struggles and dark allure found in Halfway to the Grave or the Underworld series, then get ready to unearth the secrets of a dhampir’s heart.

Grab your copy today and join Nietta in her quest for identity, love, and redemption!