Wasteland guide Meloni Harris wants two things.

To find her missing brother and to get her new client, a sexy doctor, to his next outpost in one piece.

But the doctor didn’t disclose all of his motives for hiring Meloni. He’s fleeing someone, and now they’re hot on Meloni’s trail too.

And without her brother having her back, she’ll have to face a gang of mercenaries alone—not to mention the threat of letting her guard down to the hot doc…

They Left Her for Dead… Big Mistake

Reese is brutalized and almost killed at the hands of gang members belonging to the demon Durin. Three lesser demons save her and sort of nurse her back to health. Reese is infused with all three demons’ blood making her not human, but not demon either.

The three demons die during the ritual to slave bind her to them, and she wakes up with gaps in her memory. She knows one name, Durin, and the powerful hatred that comes with it.

Reese must eradicate Durin’s grip on the city. That’s all she knows.

Reese is driven by things she doesn’t understand to kill him before she’s killed herself.

Amirah is a vintage vampire. She’s turned gorgeous men and enjoyed them for centuries.

But when the vampires she’s sired begin getting dusted one after another, she gets worried. Who is behind it? Rumor has it a new vampire hunter is in town and he’s just her type…

Can she turn him? Stop him? Is he behind the deaths or is it another one of her sires who wanted to be her one and only? Men get jealous, even the undead ones.

She just wants her Mr. Right…and not to end up a pile of dust!