An amateur priestess, a magical voodoo doll, and a shadowy evil that’s hell-bent on her destruction.

The last thing Moira Edison wants is to be a voodoo priestess. But when her grandmother’s retirement forces her into running the family’s corner magic shop, she reluctantly sidelines her musical dreams to carry on her grandmother’s legacy.

But after a drunken midnight brawl leads her to rumors of a mysterious shadow man stalking the streets of New Orleans, Moira quickly finds her fate tangled up with a panicked tourist named Morrison Abernathy. With the sightings of the shadow man on the rise, she constructs a protective voodoo doll to keep him off her back. Unfortunately for her, it won’t be enough.

Now somebody is after them, and they won’t stop until Morrison is dead. As Moira plunges deeper into the inky black mystery lurking behind the shadow man, she begins to uncover a sinister reality that puts both of their lives in grave danger…