A vigilante witch blackmailed into crime. Can Kai Geller outwit her puppeteer without losing her soul?

Kai Geller, a witch with a turbulent past, carries the burden of a secret – she used her magic for revenge, taking the life of her sister’s murderer. Her actions, once a source of grim satisfaction, now entangle her in a web of blackmail.

An unknown adversary, aware of her dark deed, manipulates her into committing acts of magical vandalism across the city. As Kai scrambles to uncover the blackmailer’s identity, her investigation hits dead ends, deepening the mystery. Her plight takes another twist when an undercover detective witnesses her powers.

Unlike her blackmailer, he seeks her help with a case eerily linked to her sister’s death. Caught between a relentless blackmailer and a detective who could either be her undoing or her ally, Kai must navigate a dangerous path to unravel the connection between her forced crimes and the tragedy that started it all.

Fans of Charmed meets Dexter will be captivated by this tale of magic, mystery, and moral ambiguity.

Step into Kai’s world of shadowy magic and complex morality. Grab your copy today and delve into the thrilling journey of a witch fighting for redemption and survival.