November is when I complete all projects I may have started during the year. Just waiting for editor and the last audiobooks to be put on sale. Afterwards, I can take a deep breath and get ready for the upcoming holidays.

Upcoming Releases

She needs a job, and Death is hiring.

The latest Grim Reaper resigned, and no one wants the position until Jess Cooper shows up to answer the help wanted ad.
All in one day, Jess lost everything she held dear: her boyfriend, job, and apartment. Now, she’ll gladly lead the dearly departed to a happily ever after, with a scythe in her hand, if it means surviving off more than Raman noodles.

Available Nov 25, 2022

Available Jan 26, 2023

Elemental witch Valeria knows there’s more than lightning in the storms gathering each night to rain down terror on the residents of Seabrook.

There’s dark magic… and pain.
And it feels personal and familiar.

Recent Releases

Audiobooks Now Available

Her Dark Justice was just put on sale October 27, 2022.

Audiobooks in Production

These two titles are going through their final checks. They should be available any day now!